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Self collection:

The products that have been bought through the online store can be collected at the workshop in Kibbutz Ginegar or at a collection spot that will be coordinated with you via phone.

Please make sure you put precise details in the order form so we can contact you to coordinate the collection.

Self collection price: No additional cost.

Cooled shipping:

The shipping of the products that have been bought through the online sore will be carried out during work hours of our business unless specified differently.

The package will be delivered to you within 5 work days from the purchase date.

The shipping is delivered by a delivery person and so- please make sure you put precise details in the order form.

The delivery person will arrive during the work day between 09.00 to 18.00, and will coordinate his arrival with you via phone. You or your representative (must be above 18 years old) has to be present to confirm the arrival of the package.

It is possible we will call you to confirm the order and the shipping address.

The products are packed in a package that ensures their protection, if the delivery arrived damaged please contact us.

איסוף מוצרים
משלוח בקירור

You may order through the site using a credit card (Visa, Isracard and Mastercard), paypal or with cash at the order’s arrival.

Order confirmation will be sent to you through an e-mail.

Receipt will be given with the goods’ arrival.


Payment using a credit card:

Each online order has to be confirmed by the credit card company. Credit card information is not stored on the company’s server and on other storage devices while keeping security standards as needed by the credit card company and by SBA company.

**Orders that were not confirmed by the credit card company will not be delivered**

Payment for goods and deliveries that were ordered through the site will be made after the purchase is done and is confirmed by the credit card company.


Cancellation policy:

Cancellation after an online order will only be possible before the goods are shipped.

You can request to cancel the order by calling 058-4549366, writing an e-mail to: or using the “Contact us” form online.


Order minimum:

The minimum online order is 50 NIS, if a purchase under 50 NIS is made the buyer will be asked to complete the sum of money to the minimum or their order will be cancelled.

אמצעי תשלום
מדיניות ביטולים
מינימום הזמנה
פרטי קשר

Ilan – Raw Chocolate


Phone: 058-4549366

Address: Kibbutz Ginegar

Postal code: 3658000


For any question or note you can contact us using the phone, e-mail or the “Contact us” form online and we’ll reply to you happily.

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