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"Ilan Raw Chocolate" is a workshop and a raw chocolate shop that was founded by Ilan Rosenblit and situated in Israel, at kibbutz Genigar.

Our chocolate is of high quality, natural, vegan, healthy, nutritious and excels with its taste.

Our pralines are home made, created from high quality ingredients that are carefully selected. Every praline has organic raw cocoa products produced from organic Criollo cocoa beans collected in Peru and processed to a raw cocoa mass and raw cocoa butter, all in fair trade, organic maple syrup as a sweetener, a handful of grey Atlantic sea salt and other additions such as: organic almonds that were dried in a food dehydrator  to keep their nutritious values, sugar-free organic cranberries, organic coconut, organic dates, and more.

Our stringent production process was developed for a long time to reach the wonderful taste and smooth texture while keeping all of the nutritious values of the raw materials.

All of our pralines are fresh. It's suggested to consume them during two months after purchase, best kept in a cool and shaded area.

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